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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Four Square

Greetings puzzlers! With all of this Interactive Fiction talk, you might have thought I'd forgotten about you. But the crossword bug rises yet again and today I'm giving you a doozy.

I present to you four separate 5x5 crossword grids. Your job? solve them! I've even given you the middle letter of each grid. But, because I'm being so nice, I've decided to muddy the waters a bit. Below you'll find four groups of ten clues each. Each clue is to one of the ten five letter words in each grid. But the clues are in random order. Only on solution (I'm pretty sure) is available for each grid. Also, not only are the clues in random order, but each group of clues is also in random order. So the first group of clues do not necessarily correspond to the first grid. Keep an eye on those middle letters, as they're your only hint as to which group of clues belongs in which grid.

Don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds... or is it...? I'll have the solution to this puzzle and the movie puzzle on Wednesday! Until then, good luck! I'll start the IF game reviews tomorrow!

Clues after the jump:
First group:
Fancy tie
Philanthropist Brooke
Oboes and Clarinets
Way up or down
Hank of hair
Satellite alternative
Postpone as a motion
Put on a show

Second group:
Male mallard
Avoid cancellation
Martini garnish
Parachute pulls
Military into-gathering
Stir memories of
Parish priest

Third group:
Stubborn beasts
Novelist Zola
"The rain in ___..."
Show disdain
Colon cleansing
More rational
Remove as a brooch
Bridal path

Fourth group
Trimmed the lawn
Halo weater
Manage to avoid
Manage to avoid
Fishing gear
Family car
Move slightly
Cavalry weapon

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