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Monday, October 4, 2010

Accidental Youtube - The Ironwood Horror

So I was thinking to myself: You know, what this blog needs to spruce itself up? Random crap! Luckily for me and you, the internet is practically made of random crap. It's like walking through a log cabin and realizing everything is made of wood. You walk around the internet and you say to yourself, "Wow! This all of this stuff is made of crap! Random random crap!"

So anyway, I've decided to start a new semi-regular blog post entitled "The Accidental Youtube Clip". Here's what I do: I take a random word, generated here, and then search you tube. What I find, I post, indiscriminately. I'm not a big fan of hopping on the whole viral bandwagon, but there's an awful lot of stuff out there, and why should the videos people have seen a bazillion times get all the love? So here's my first find: It's a pretty good high-school film project. Wait, did I say film project? I meant to say horror film project. I present to you: The Ironwood Horror.

Favorite quote: "I am doing something. I'm critiquing." It's funny, because it's true.

Fun fact: This video confirms that Stephen Sondheim's broadway smash "Into The Woods" should only be performed by professionals. High school theatre is a magnet for serial killers. True story.

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