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Saturday, September 11, 2010


My interests in crosswords is somewhat recent, compared to my general love of puzzles. When I was a kid, I got a subscription to Games Magazine and even though I loved the puzzles, I would pretty much entirely avoid the crosswords. Logic puzzles? Check. General word puzzles? Check. I liked those, because they involved less of having to know bits of trivia, and more on being able to see a pattern. And my favorite puzzles were cryptograms, those puzzles where you have a passage or a list, except each letter of the alphabet has been substituted with a different letter. If you'd like a literary example check out one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes stories: The Adventure of the Dancing Men.

So it's really no surprise that my first attempts at crosswords were with "Coded Crosswords", crosswords that didn't have any clues, but where each little white square had a random number between one and twenty-six, and each number corresponded with a letter of the alphabet. They're basically cryptograms crosswords. And I love them. They're still among my favorite puzzles to solve, though, if you're pretty good at cryptograms like I am, they can be a bit too easy.

Anyway, here's a small little cryptogram crossword that I whipped up. I've given you two letters to start out with. Have fun! I'll post the solution sometime soon...ish!


  1. Brooks, I love the puzzles you create & I enjoy your blog. My question regards the "coded crossword" puzzle: are words always composed of just one word or can they be more? for example, number 18 down contians 13 spaces. Must it be one word or is it permissible for it to be more than one word? Thanks,
    your #1 across & down fan,

  2. Aww! Thanks I didn't know I even HAD a fan! Yes, in the above puzzle it is not just possible but there are (I think) a couple of answers that are COMMON two word phrases. Hope that helps! I'll post the solution to this and the other puzzles tomorrow.